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How Broadway Bridges® Works
Requesting Tickets
Attending a Show


How Broadway Bridges® Works

What is Broadway Bridges®?

Broadway Bridges® is a program developed by The Broadway League, the national trade association for the Broadway Industry, in partnership with the Office of Arts and Special Projects of New York City’s Department of Education. Its goal is to bring every tenth grade student in a New York City public high school to a Broadway show. By bringing students to live theatre on Broadway, the League is working to cultivate the next generation of theatregoers and professionals.

How does a school purchase Broadway Bridges® tickets?

A teacher or administrator from a New York City public high schools should fill out a simple Broadway Bridges® application; you can find it here. For our pilot season in winter 2017, The Broadway League worked closely with the NYC DOE’s Office of Arts and Special Projects to invite schools with a demonstrated interest in the performing arts. Every season, Broadway Bridges® and the Arts Office will include more schools–regardless of their performing arts programs–with expanded ticket offerings until we achieve our goal of giving every tenth grader in a New York City public high school the chance to see live theatre on Broadway.


Requesting Tickets

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets cost $10 each for students and chaperones. Producers offer tickets that typically sell for anywhere from $40 to $160 each for just $20 to Broadway Bridges® participants. In doing so producers demonstrate a long-term commitment to partnering with New York City and welcoming all its residents. The Broadway League pays the balance of the $20 ticket plus $3 in fees ($13 per ticket) to ensure an accessible price for all students.

Can we purchase Broadway Bridges® tickets to any performance?

Blocks of tickets will be available for evening performances on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and matinees on Wednesday and Thursday. Participating schools will receive a schedule of available Broadway Bridges® performances.

Can any school buy Broadway Bridges® tickets?

Only New York City DOE high schools are eligible for Broadway Bridges® tickets. If your school is a public, non-DOE high school in New York City and you would like to participate in Broadway Bridges, please contact Robin Aronson at info@broadwaybridges.org.

Will we receive paper or electronic tickets?

Broadway Bridges® tickets are all paper. You will pick them up on the afternoon or evening of the assigned performance at the Will Call box office window in the theatre’s lobby. Plan on arriving at least a half hour before the show is scheduled to begin to make sure you have time to pick up and distribute the tickets and go through standard security.

I’m a tenth grader-can I get tickets?

Only schools can purchase Broadway Bridges® tickets. We encourage you to tell your teacher and principal about the program and ask them to enroll in it.  You might also be interested in becoming a member of Theatre Development Fund (www.tdf.org). Membership is free for students and as a member, you can purchase discounted tickets ($9-$47) to a wide range of performing arts events in New York City, including Broadway shows.


Attending a Show

When should we arrive at the theatre?

Plan on arriving at least a half hour before the show begins. This will give you time to go through security, get and distribute tickets, and go to the bathroom.

Can we take pictures/videos?

You can take pictures/videos before and after a performance and during intermission. You cannot take any pictures/videos during the performance – not of yourself, your friends, and especially not of the performers.

Do we really have to turn off phones during the show?

Yes. You won’t need your phone anyway because you should not text, email, snap chat or use any social/interactive media during the show. Before, after, during intermission, that’s all fine, but not during the performance. It’s distracting to everyone around you and the actors. And, you yourself will get less from the experience of live theatre if you’re looking at a device when there’s all kinds of drama happening on the stage in front of you.

Can I eat during the show?

No. Theatres sell snacks, which you’re welcome to eat before the show and during intermission. But, when the lights go down and the curtain goes up, your attention should be on the stage, and opening candy wrappers or snacking on chips will distract you and those around you.

What should we wear?

You can whatever you like to a Broadway show. Some people like to dress up, because it is a special experience, others come in jeans. Wear clothing that makes you feel good.

Stay quiet and focused on the stage:

If you start to talk, not only can the people around you hear whatever you may be saying to your neighbor, but the performers can hear you, too, and they will be distracted. Plus, if you’re focused on a conversation with your neighbor, you’re not paying attention to the play. Of course, sometimes talk happens, and when it does, keep in mind that loud shushing can be just as distracting as conversation.

Remain in your seat:

Once the show begins, you shouldn’t get up from your seat unless it’s a real emergency.