Arlene Burgher – Stephen T Mather Building Arts & Craftsmanship High School

Small NYC public high school with a large LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 community who would LOVE this show!

Ivette Dobarganes – Stephen T Mather Building Arts & Craftsmanship High School

My group is a title 1 high school that does not have many opportunities to go to Broadway.

Zenobia White-DaCruz – Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship: A College Board School

10th Grade ELA Class expressed interest in attending the show. Selected scholars who are working hard and earning honor roll status for Marking period one of the Fall semester.

Arlene Burgher – Stephen T Mather Building Arts & Craftsmanship High School

Inner city kids from all 5 boros. They are very excited about watching musicals!

Felicia Bray – Bronxwood Preparatory Academy

Broadway Parent Program

Rasheed Bility – The Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management

Jeff Statile – Professional Performing Arts High School

The PPAS Musical Theater program at Rosie’s Theater Kids is in its 13th year. It is a pre-conservatory training school that allows for students to study musical theater as a major, with 10 hours a week of studio classes. The sophomore students are a diverse and talented bunch, who are eager to see their chosen field “in action” on the Broadway stage. As sophomores, they are spending their year working on Song Performance, and having the opportunity to watch professionals put into play the concepts they are exploring is a priceless teaching tool for our class.

Valerie Spektor – Food and Finance High School

I support students in the ICT classroom – I am a Speech-Language Provider and work with 10th grade Sophomore students on reading comprehension, critical thinking, and written language skills in their ELA subject.

Nestor Lopez – High School for Media and Communications

We have an energetic batch of sophomores that are taking music, art and film this year. They are excited to take part in the arts. Many are from low income households and wouldn’t have an opportunity to go to a Broadway if it came out of pocket. We are excited to take these young men and women to Broadway.

Rashel Dorleans – High School for Medical Professions

My class is loving every Broadway experience we’ve had thus far. It’s all they talk about!