Vicki McGuigan – Bronx High School of Science

I have three sections of sophomores. I\’d like to do Memphis with them from May 2-May 10 and then Allegiance with them from May 10-May 23. We\’d be watching together in class from 8AM-10:20AM and any make ups due to absences for AP exams would happen later that afternoon. We\’ve just read Farewell to Manzanar so I think Allegiance would be a fantastic follow up. Let me know if it\’s possible.

Vicki McGuigan – Bronx High School of Science

Hello, Reaching out again to see if I can get the virtual access to MEMPHIS the Musical starting Monday May 2-Tuesday May 10. I have three sections of Sophomores and we\’d be viewing the show over the course of four days during class between the hours of 8AM and 10:20AM. Make up viewings for students who are absent during class to take an AP exam can happen in the afternoon.

laticha lesane – Eagle Academy for Young Men

Rachel Bingman – Inwood Academy for Leadership

We\’ve been lucky enough to go to two in person shows this year- and now we\’d love to view Kinky Boots virtually!

Maritza Osorio – Harlem Renaissance High School

My class is a physical education class and dance , they love the world of dance and entertainment. I want to experience this side of the world. I want them to be open to many great things in life.

Yisenia Leon – EBC High School for Public Service

Although it is sold out, I would like some tickets if it became available. Thank you.

My class is honor roll students and 100% attendance. We are a high needs HS in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Melissa Diaz – High School for Contemporary Arts

High School for Contemporary Arts is located in the Bronx, NY. For many of our students it is their first time to a Broadway Show.

Carla Boxcell – Pathways to College Preparatory School: A College Board School

Grace OKeeffe – NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies

We are an after school elective called \”Shaping Change: Emergent Strategy in everyday life\” where we study the text of adriennme maree brown and try new experiences. To celebrate our work through the year, we would like to go to a show together. Students are in high school, grade 10 with three teachers as support.

Fanny Deshmukh – Queens Technical High School

9th graders Podcast Club.