Program Guidelines

Broadway Bridges offers New York City DOE high schools $10 tickets to select weeknight and matinee performances of participating Broadway productions.

Safety, Ordering, and Confirmation Guidelines

Offers & Confirmation

1) Groups must have a minimum of 15 participants. As per the mission of Broadway Bridges, all participants must be either a NYC DOE 10th grader or an adult chaperone.

2) The number of tickets listed for a particular performance is the total number of tickets we have available for that performance. Please request an accurate total number of tickets that is lesser or equal to that listed number of total available tickets. Requests for more than the indicated total number of tickets available for that performance will not be processed.

3) Within 5 school days of submitting a Ticket Request form, you will receive an email alerting you to the status of your request.

4) If you are offered tickets, they will be held for up to 5 school days or until you send an email accepting the ticket offer and how your school will make the purchase (i.e., PO, check, or credit card). After receiving this information from your school, the tickets will be purchased on your behalf. If you are not able to use the tickets offered, we request that you email us immediately so we can offer them to another school.

5) Once we receive your written confirmation and payment information, your order is considered final.

6) We ask that every confirmed ticket is used. While we are excited to offer this program at the discounted $10 student rate, we are responsible to producers, investors, and grantors for each ticket requested. Please help us to make sure as many students as possible can experience Broadway.

Attending A Show

What You Should Know When Attending a Broadway Show

Arrive at the theatre 45 minutes before the show is scheduled to begin and remind your students to use the bathroom before getting seated, and once in their seats they should promptly turn off or fully silence their phones.

You may not take any pictures or videos of the performance. You are more than welcome to take pictures/videos before and after a show and during intermission.

All phones must be turned off or silenced (no vibration) during the show. You won’t need your phone anyway because you should not text, email, snap chat or use any social/interactive media during the show. You are invited to use social media platforms before and after the show and during intermission but do not use them during the performance. It’s distracting for everyone around you and the actors. (The actors can see the light of your phone and hear you from the stage.) After using your phone inside a Broadway theatre, please be sure that it is once again fully turned off or silenced.

Eat and use the restrooms before the show, after the show or during intermission, and please be sure to note and follow your theatre’s specific rules about areas you can eat and drink. Do not eat when the lights go down and the curtain goes up. Opening candy wrappers or snacking on chips will distract you from the performance and create a disturbance for those around you.

You may not take any pictures or videos of the performance. You are more than welcome to take pictures/videos before and after a show and during intermission (but never featuring any sets or stage pieces). After using your phone inside a Broadway theatre, please be sure that it is fully turned off or silenced, and please tag #broadwaybridges in any positive and respectful posts.

Do not chat during the performance. If you talk, not only can the people around you hear whatever you may be saying, but the performers can hear you, too. Plus, if you’re focused on a conversation with your neighbor, you’re not paying attention to the show. Finally, if someone around you is talking, keep in mind that loud “shushing” can be just as distracting as conversation. If people continue to talk, an usher will come by to quiet unwanted conversation.

You can wear whatever you like to a Broadway show. Some people like to dress up, others choose to be casual.

Remain in your seat. Once the show begins, you shouldn’t get up from your seat unless you must use the restroom or it’s an emergency.

Stay for the Entire Show. By purchasing tickets with Broadway Bridges, you are committed to attending and staying for the entire show, which includes respectfully watching the production. Leaving a show early reflects poorly on the school, its partnership with Broadway Bridges, and ultimately limits similar opportunities for other schools and students.

Broadway Bridges COVID-19 Policy

The owners and operators of Broadway theatres in New York City continue their mask optional policy until further notice. Consistent with New York City and State recommendations, audience members are strongly encouraged to wear masks in theatres.

Vaccinations are no longer being checked to enter a Broadway Theatre at this time. More information can be found here.