Ordering & Invoicing

1) Within three to five business days of submitting a Request for Tickets form, you will receive an email offering your school tickets to one of the performances you requested.

2) Those tickets will be held for you until you send an email back to us confirming that you will purchase them. If you are not able to use the tickets offered, you must email us to tell us that you will not use them so we can offer them to another school.

3) Once we receive written confirmation from you, your order is considered final and it may not be changed. You will be invoiced for the confirmed tickets and payment is required.

4) Payment in the form of a check or DOE purchase order must be received by the due date listed on your invoice—typically three weeks prior to the performance. The invoice will include all the information you need to pay for the tickets, including our vendor number. (THE951470) We will also send a sole vendor letter with each invoice.

5) DOE purchase orders must be certified by the end of the semester in which you attend a performance. A school will not be able to purchase Broadway Bridges tickets for the next semester until the PO is certified.

6) If your group includes participants in wheelchairs, contact Abigail Friedman as soon as possible.